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AMA Iowa 2013-2014 Year In Review (Infographic)

I am beyond amazed at what we accomplished for AMA Iowa during my 2013-2014 term as President. We had (and still have) a great group of volunteers that made magic happen for the Iowa marketing community. If you ever needed a reason to join AMA Iowa, this infographic should definitely do the trick.

AMA Iowa 2013_2014_Infographic


Life Changes

Life-ChangeThink I saw you in another place
A frame in time
You said something to me that stayed in mind
Life changes in unpredictable ways

I’ve got an old friend, lives down in Nashville, named Craig Boerner. Craig is one of the best singer songwriters you’ve never heard of and the title of this post is the name of one of his songs, “Life Changes.” It’s one of those songs that immediately grabs your attention with it’s insightful opening lyrics shown above.

You can listen to the entire song here at around the 47:48 mark. (Craig is on banjo).

I won’t spoil the song for you, but ultimately the lyrics goes from how the “road is rocky along the way” to how life changes in SWEET unpredictable ways.  And how sweet it’s been the last couple of weeks!

I am happily enjoying my first two weeks at The Meyocks Group. Pronounced, “Meeks” – we are a 29 year-old full service ad agency in West Des Moines. The agency is quietly one of the ad world’s best kept secrets although I’m pretty sure I’ll try to change the quiet part just a bit (insert smiley face) – while at the same time recognizing the hard working, laid back and humble attitudes I’ve found from the ridiculously talented crew around me. 

Over the last two weeks I’ve done some copywriting, some research, developed digital strategies and come up with some promotional ideas. But my favorite times have been being a part of strategic conversations that will shape the future of this agency. I’ve also had the luxury of being able to simply listen, to take it all in, knowing that sometime soon the knowledge gained will pay off for our clients and our company.

I invite you to visit me and my new homies at Meyocks on September 26 when AMA Iowa’s Agency Crawl includes The Meyocks Group. (Hint: We will be serving Templeton Rye and Baraboo Beer – both clients – at this event. Word!.)

Speaking of AMA Iowa, I became the the President of the American Marketing Association – Iowa Chapter (AMA Iowa) on July 1. I am truly honored and humbled to be leading this amazing organization. We are recognized as one of the best chapters in the world (seriously) and boast over 350 members. The best part of the gig is the amazing group of board members that treat AMA Iowa like a second job – which it is. : )

Lastly, I’m thrilled to be an Adjunct Professor at Drake University this fall. I am teaching Internet Marketing to about 35 aspiring young marketers. Other than some technical difficulties during the first class (read: user error) everything went great. The class is on Monday nights through December.

Here’s some new advice for you though, as my buddy Craig Boener and his band, Ballhog! so articulately put it, “Life Change in SWEET unpredictable ways.” Embrace the change!

I hope all is well with you and yours.

I’m Feeling Gusto!

I made this….


I won this…

I made these people happy…

Big thanks to Gusto Pizza Company for a killer fan contest and for some unbelieveably awesome pizza. I told Josh Holderness at Gusto we plan on having the menu.

Not all at once.

If you’re feeling Gusto, there’s something that you can dosto.
Go to Gusto Pizza.

QR Codes to The Face

Well not really. But short of this sounding like a book report I am really jazzed about, it you want to learn about QR Codes, you’ve found your heaven in powerpoint. I gave this presentation this morning (October 6, 2011) to Iowa Association of Electrical Cooperatives. It’s electric, boogy woogy woogy. I have issues. Here’s the presentation. Enjoy.