When I started my job at Lessing-Flynn in 2008 I was determined to provide our clients with social media based marketing strategies and implementation. The one catch? I had to prove it to the internal staff.

The solution was a blog called AdMavericks. Over the last four years, AdMavericks has become one of the most read marketing blogs in Iowa and served as a platform for that gives Lessing-Flynn a powerful voice  in the completive advertising world.

With over 500 posts and over 175,000 visits annually, AdMavericks has elevated Lessing-Flynn in the search engine rankings and in the minds of marketers considering their next ad agency.


vineme (now d.b.a. photosprawl) is a social photo sharing platform built on the foundation of a timeline. vineme was built to thrive through the power of crowd sourced content and empowering people with tools to add greater context to their photos through time, tags, places and people.

I served as the CEO & President of this Des Moines, Iowa – Silicon Prairie based startup. The company is on hold given recent moves by Google (Photo Vine) and Facebook (Timeline) that both flattered and crushed us all at the same time. The site is still operational although the future of the company is unknown.

vineme was inspired by Tony Muse, developed by Chris Taulborg and advised by Dwolla founder, Ben Milne.


Lessing-Flynn’s Battle of the Brands pits 65 Iowa brands against each other in a March Madness Bracket format. Previous winners include The Iowa Clinic (2010), The Principal Financial Group (2011) and Simpson College (2012).

The contest provides Lessing-Flynn, a Des Moines Ad Agency with a ton of local attention through social platforms and traditional media press while introducing Lessing-Flynn to Iowa’s best brands throughout the state.

Battle of the Brands was inspired during a conversation I had with Lessing-Flynn President, Tom Flynn III. We were looking at an online contest that pitted the world’s worst brands again each other in a bracket format. Tom asked, “How do we do something like this but make it positive?” Lessing-Flynn’s Battle of the Brands was the answer.


Surprisingly, land locked and 2000 miles from the ocean, Des Moines has a growing sushi culture with over 20 locally owned restaurants serving up the delicious Japanese cuisine.

Inspired by Bacon Fest, Chris Hanson, Jordan Beynon and I came up with the concept of a sushi focused event for Des Moines.

The first two events attracted close to 300 people, with the second year serving as a Fund Raiser for host, Salisbury House & Gardens. $4,000 was raised and went towards a kitchen remodel at Salisbury.


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