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Because of Lessing-Flynn

Because of Lessing-Flynn, I was able to make a name for myself in this town.

Because of Lessing-Flynn, those passionate big ideas I so often speak of were able to be refined by talent greater than my own – leading to more effective ideas.

Because of Lessing-Flynn, I’ve been known as the Ad Maverick, and we were able to create one of Iowa’s most read marketing blogs.

Because of Lessing-Flynn, Iowa has the Battle of the Brands, one of the coolest social media campaigns I’ve ever been apart of.

Because of Lessing-Flynn, I have been able to meet and be involved with a ton of wonderful people doing amazing things for others. Prevent Blindness Iowa preserving the gift of sight, and AMA Iowa, making better marketers of us all.

Because of Lessing-Flynn, I have been able to do the best work of my career. I’ve become a better marketer – strategist – writer – thinker. Not to mention, a better person.

Because of Lessing-Flynn, I have spoken to audiences around the country on just about every marketing topic imaginable.

Because of Lessing-Flynn, I got to work with an amazing group of clients. And not just any clients, all of them, true innovators in their own right.

Because of Lessing-Flynn, I was able to start my own company after hours. And not only was it accepted by Lessing-Flynn – it was embraced. As they knew I would learn about innovation and what it takes to run a company. Providing me with an even greater perspective of our business and the business of our clients.

Because of Lessing-Flynn, I’ve been able to help mentor so many great young people, and somehow not screw them up beyond repair.

Because of Lessing-Flynn, I was able to bring my digital dreams to life with some of the most creative people I’ve ever known.

Because of Lessing-Flynn, I was empowered to help take a sleepy ad agency that had literally been quiet for 100 years and shout their praises whenever and wherever I wanted.

Because of Lessing-Flynn, I believe in myself more than I ever have, but only because Lessing-Flynn truly, and always, believed in me.

Because of Lessing-Flynn, their future is bright. With or without me, this place is going to flourish and continue to annoy their competition. I’m gonna miss that!

Because of Lessing-Flynn, a recruiter called me and offered me the opportunity of a lifetime, even though I already had one.

You see, my leaving Lessing-Flynn after the four best professional years of my life is completely Lessing-Flynn’s fault. It is because of Lessing-Flynn that this unexpected life path has taken shape and this new opportunity has emerged.

When I’m asked about social media marketing, I always tell companies that they need to provide their fans a platform for people to support them. I tell them that there are people out there that love their brand and that they simply need a place to tell the world about how great they are.

And while I am way short of great, my platform was Lessing-Flynn. And the folks at this amazing company have been my greatest fans. Their support of me has been ridiculously abundant. And I’ll never be able to truly thank them for what they’ve done for my life.

So thank you, (from left to right, top to bottom) Rosie, Chris A, Con-Dog, 3, Jess, K-Billy, Celsius, Duder, Jordan, Joel, Hanson, #NicholBeck, Spoerly Bird and Kronlage. It’s because of you. It’s because of Lessing-Flynn.


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Why Being Des Moines Social Czar Matters

Please vote for me here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DHR22K3

Des Moines Social Czar – Dream-Working

What have I gotten myself into? How about the chance to act like a complete moron for my favorite charity? True story. I am both honored and bewildered that the Des Moines Social Club has asked me to participate in the contest to become Des Moines’ Social Czar.

Turns out, you don’t have to be a scenester after 6 p.m. or stay awake past 10 p.m. on a school night to be considered for the award..and for that, I thank them.

They are widdling the field from ten, to five finalists and I’ll need your vote to make the top five in a Bash to be held on New Years Eve. If you are so inclined, you can vote for me here. 

So, here’s the pitch…

As many of you know, my daughter was born with a birth defect in her right eye. Because of this, my wife and I have supported Prevent Blindness Iowa (PBI) for almost a decade and I have served as a board member for the last two years.

PBI’s mission is to prevent blindness and preserve site. PBI does a ton of great work, but my true passion with the organization is their vision screening of almost 20,000 Iowa children every year. These screenings identify vision problems that a lot of parents never knew their children had. Catching these problems early allows for better results to maintain vision and prevent problems like lazy eye (which my daughter also suffers from.)

I encourage you to learn more about PBI on their Website or watch this video I helped them put together.

Thanks for stopping by, and my apologies for acting like a complete moron – this is for a good cause! So if you’re so inclined, rock the vote here.

The Power of Words

As many of you know, my oldest daughter has vision problems which led me to being involved with, and now a board member for Prevent Blindness Iowa. And while not a video for Prevent Blindness Iowa, the message it conveys speaks to the very heart of our mission. Enjoy the video, but please consider some of the many things you can be doing to prevent blindness, for yourself, or your family and friends.

Huge hat tip to Purple Feather for this awesome video.