This blog’s niche is that is doesn’t have one. I’ll talk about anything I find interesting, but mostly it will be about digital marketing, life exploration, marriage, fatherhood, networking, poetry, screenplays, sushi, bar-b-cue and whatever I find amusing.

This is where I start talking about myself in the third person in bullets no less. Please read the disclaimers at the bottom. I don’t want to have to apologize for being myself. 

Josh Fleming – The Basics:

  • Born, raised, survived and somehow escaped Miami, Florida at the age of 18.
  • Graduated from Mizzou and is known to reconsider friendships if he discovers you went to Kansas.
  • Spent a year in Flagstaff living the hippie lifestyle doing things mom will never be proud of.
  • Married the love of his life, seriously fell in love at first site. He’d put her name on here but she wouldn’t like that, so don’t go Facebook creeping her.
  • Somehow ended up in Des Moines, Iowa which feels more like home than Miami ever did.
  • Yes, I have five kids, and yes, I know how it happens.
  • Will not edit content of this website regardless of phone calls from Wendy Kelly to my wife about said content. : )
Josh Fleming – The Work
  • Currently leading digital strategy and new business development at The Meyocks Group.
  • Writes no code but has built a ton of Websites
  • Guilty of starting AdMavericks.com, one of Iowa’s most read marketing blogs (which is like being my household’s tallest person)
  • Guilty of starting Lessing-Flynn’s Battle of the Brands. Follow the hashtag of #LFBOTB any summer and catch the wave.

Josh Fleming – The Writer

  • Wrote a screenplay called The Knot. Then renamed it Blackbird Roost. Hasn’t tried to sell it to anyone. Plans on entering screenplay contests, but never does.
  • Working on two other screenplays, not enough time to finish any of them.
Josh Fleming – DSM: SUSHIBOMB
  • Co-Founded DSM: SUSHIBOMB, a Des Moines event that celebrates sushi and Japanese culture.
  • Fleming is not Japanese.
  • Fleming collects sushi.
  • “Like Bacon Fest – but sushier” -Joe Winn
  • Fully recognizes that promoting a sushi event and eating a ton of sushi for charity isn’t fair to other people. Gets over it.

Josh Fleming – Easily Amused

  • Spends way too much time on YouTube.
  • Finds amazing stuff with no where else to put it – so he puts it here.
  • Would be Tosh.O but red heads who collect bar-b-cue and are pushing 40 aren’t in demand. Plus he’s not that funny.

Why this blog?

  • Dude’s gotta have an outlet.
  • Linkedin, while somewhat valuable, doesn’t cut it.
  • Facebook has too much format.
  • If you blink on Twitter, you miss it.

Disclaimers. (Back to first person)

  • If you’re thinking of hiring The Meyocks Group for your marketing work, don’t let this dissuade you.
  • I think I’m mildly successful because I do in fact – keep it real. Don’t like it, don’t read it. No hard feelings.
  • Mom, your comments are welcomed on the family posts. I know what’s not appropriate. Love ya!
  • If you’re some random that stumbled here because I tag the crap out of everything, then amen, brother or sister, nice to meet ya. Let me know what you like, what you don’t, and why I should pay attention to what you’re doing.
Can’t get enough?
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/joshfleming/
Twitter: @joshfleming
Facebook – I better know you.


  1. Emma

    Hi Josh! just a little question: i was wondering if you knew a place or website where i can buy the “oh my god, I’m ginger” poster. I think it’s just hilarious, and as I am a redhead myself, it really has to be mine 🙂 (I’ve searched half the internet, but can’t find it anywhere!)

    p.s. i know, this isn’t really a fitting question in the ‘about’ section of your blog, but, didn’t know where to put it, so hope you don’t mind..


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