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My Four-Year-Old’s Guest Blog Post – Harrison for Waukee City Council


Father’s note: My son, Harrison, age four, has seen signs around the Waukee, Iowa area that read “Harrison for City Council.” These signs are for a gentleman named, Brian Harrison, who is ACTUALLY running for Waukee City Council. However, my son believes he is running and has come up with a platform of his own to improve life in Waukee. 

The words below are Harrison’s – that’s… the four-year-old Harrison, who had no opening statement, merely the platforms he will be running on if elected. 

  • An indoor pool inside our house
  • I want all the hobos to have houses
  • I want an ice cream truck to deliver ice cream
  • Bounce house in every house
  • Get rid of Once Upon a Child and put a Happy Joe’s back there
  • Outdoor movies in the park every night
  • All the bees to die so they won’t sting anybody – no wasps either
  • Do you know anywhere where a Disney World could move in somewhere close?
  • The mean lady that mom was talking about – to be nice
  • Get rid of the Veggie Monster and bring back Cookie Monster

I asked Harrison what would be the the first thing he would do if elected. He answered, “Follow my list!”

Father’s note: Anyone interested in learning more about the four-year old Harrison can like him on Facebook. 

My apologies to Once Upon a Child, I’m sure you run a fabulous facility. 

Here is a breakdown of all four ACTUAL candidates including Shane Blanchard, Mike Watts and Rick Peterson from the Des Moines Register


Tonight, We are (NOT) Young

This one hit a little too close to home. From the blog, to the not working out and my obsessions with Words With Friends. I only wish college was 10 years ago! For those of you 30-somethings out there, this one’s for you.


Perfect Example of Why I have My Own Blog

This is the kind of stuff I can’t post on – but there’s still a story to be told here. Watch this, and realize there’s some serious language, but ask yourself, “If you are Kokomo’s in Vegas, what do you do?” My advice, hope this video doesn’t go more viral than it already has. Enjoy.