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My Four-Year-Old’s Guest Blog Post – Harrison for Waukee City Council


Father’s note: My son, Harrison, age four, has seen signs around the Waukee, Iowa area that read “Harrison for City Council.” These signs are for a gentleman named, Brian Harrison, who is ACTUALLY running for Waukee City Council. However, my son believes he is running and has come up with a platform of his own to improve life in Waukee. 

The words below are Harrison’s – that’s… the four-year-old Harrison, who had no opening statement, merely the platforms he will be running on if elected. 

  • An indoor pool inside our house
  • I want all the hobos to have houses
  • I want an ice cream truck to deliver ice cream
  • Bounce house in every house
  • Get rid of Once Upon a Child and put a Happy Joe’s back there
  • Outdoor movies in the park every night
  • All the bees to die so they won’t sting anybody – no wasps either
  • Do you know anywhere where a Disney World could move in somewhere close?
  • The mean lady that mom was talking about – to be nice
  • Get rid of the Veggie Monster and bring back Cookie Monster

I asked Harrison what would be the the first thing he would do if elected. He answered, “Follow my list!”

Father’s note: Anyone interested in learning more about the four-year old Harrison can like him on Facebook. 

My apologies to Once Upon a Child, I’m sure you run a fabulous facility. 

Here is a breakdown of all four ACTUAL candidates including Shane Blanchard, Mike Watts and Rick Peterson from the Des Moines Register