How To Network In Des Moines

That title seems a little off. This isn’t a guide book, as there is no single way to go about networking in Des Moines, or in any town for that matter. So I’ll just say that these are  suggestions.

It seems like I’m often asked for recommendations on how to network in Des Moines. Mostly a combination of college students and job seekers looking for ways to be discovered and be a part of this awesome community.

And while my efforts tend to lean towards marketing related events and people, there is a ton of overlap that you may find valuable.

Organizations that consistently offer networking value: 

American Marketing Association –
Social Media Club Des Moines –
Young Professionals Connection –

News / Personalities You Should Read / Know

I can’t possibly list them all, so I will list the ones I know and that I know are accessible with a little effort.

Silicon Prairie News – Geoff Wood runs the show out of Des Moines and if you are interest in ANYTHING startup in Des Moines, this is the first place to start. Check out Prairie Cast every Tuesday at 2 p.m. with Wood and his Staff Ninja side kick Andy Brudtkuhl. Not to mention, SPN is always hosting networking events of their own. Everything from Big Omaha, Thinc Iowa and Startup Drinks. If you pay attention, its hard to miss.

Adam Belz is a business reporter for the Des Moines Register and has a pretty good pulse on the Des Moines scene. His Opening Belz email is a must read every morning. Here’s the Register’s Central Iowa Networking page. 

Kyle Oppenhuizen is a reporter for The Business Record. I make sure I read everything he writes in every weekly issue.

Des Moines Twitter Community

If you want to network in Des Moines you have to be on Twitter. There really isn’t a choice. And you can’t just be on Twitter, you must engage.

Here are a few solid Des Moines tweeps lists.!/clairecelsi/des-moines-tweeps!/dsmisnotboring/des-moines-tweeps!/douglewis2000/iowabusiness!/InsiderIowa/iowa-tweeps

And while you’re at it, follow me @joshfleming or @admavericks.


Almost too many to list without leaving great ones off the list. So, do yourself a favor and plow into those Twitter lists and discover blogs for yourself. If you find one you like, let them know!

And if you are looking to reach more people than networking events and through Twitter start your own blog. It doesn’t matter if you think you don’t have anything to say. You do, you just don’t know it yet. Go out and experience something then write about it. Building your online brand starts and ends with you.

Hope this information was helpful, and if there are things you’d like me to to add to this list just let me know in the comments section, or at that next networking event.






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