Crap I Think About: Stuff Facebook Does Right

Let me stop you right there. I am no Facebook cult leader. Especially since I started a company based on a timeline and Facebook pretty much just took our idea and made it their own. But you can’t sue everyone! I digress.

What with all the abuse Facebook gets for offering a free service to you, me and your random ex you Facebook creep on occasionally because they left their profile privacy settings on, I digress again.

Facebook gets abused. Got me to thinking about what they do right. As Robert Earl Keen sings, sometimes, “It’s The Little Things” that keep me going back to Facebook time and time again.

1. Typo problem? No problem.

Every make a typo on The book? If you click “delete” moments after you realize your carelessness, you can edit what you just wrote. Facebook makes you look less careless than you are. And that’s nice of them.

2. Hiding people.

No one wants their feelings hurt. Least of all me. I know you hide me, but I still love you cause you care about my feelings.

3. Relevant and unobtrusive advertising. 

No one is going to die on a sword for a tasty banner ad, but, when I get ads for stuff I’m most likely into, that makes it a little better. We’ve gone from a world of viagra ads, to Josh you like BBQ eat BBQ here. I’m guessing in about ten -twenty years, the Viagra ads will make a personal comeback for me.

4. Headlines

So you connected with an old friend on Facebook. And you are glad you did but you probably don’t want to have an hour long conversation with them. The crap they post throughout their lives gives you a snap shot of their lives, just the fringe, or essentially, just enough information.

5. Awkwardness Removed. 

Because of #4, if and when you do have that conversation with that random person from your past, you actually have things to talk about. It seems to be the ice breaker that gets you talking about what’s important now, vs. going Uncle Rico and living in the past.

6. Unfollow this post

You like something. You comment on something. But you don’t really care what your random friend’s random friends have to say about it. Click “Unfollow Post.” Notifications become good again. 

What else am I missing? Let me know and the list will grow.


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