The Death of Steve Jobs – The Silver Lining

You’ve probably seen the end of this commencement speech by now. But what are you going to do about it?

As I’ve written, I live my passions daily.
I am fortunate, yet I am rare.

I probably have too many passions;
Emerging Technologies
And most importantly, my family.

Jobs was an innovator.
He was Einstein
He was Bell
He was The Wright Brothers
He was Steve Jobs.

He made technology cool.
He inspired a guy with an English degree –
And my voice is heard.

Now the world mourns.
Global cultures change is unprecedented.
Yet the world provides ample opportunity for innovation and dreams.
Jobs prove that.
That doesn’t end with his passing.
That doesn’t go away ever.

The world has a hole to fill.
And while most of us won’t do it alone
We need to continue a culture of innovation.
Steve Jobs gave us that assignment.

“Your time is limited.”
So what are you going to give to his legacy?
The things you innovate, create, dream or work towards…
That’s the silver lining.

Now get to work.




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