Our New Favorite NFL Team

A follow up to yesterday’s post. 

My son has shown an interest in football and enjoys watching NFL games with me. He always wants to know who is playing, what color they are wearing and who I want to win. When he was born, I always figured he’d be a Miami Dolphins fan, like his dad, but after some careful thought, he needs to have a team that actually has some hope.

Being a Dolphins fan the last 37 years is like being a Kansas City Royals fan, but even the Royals won a World Series back in 1985. So, I was determined to pick a new team for my son and I to root for.

The parameters.

  • Has to be in the NFC.
  • Can’t be a bigger loser than the Miami Dolphins have been.
  • Can’t be a bandwagon team.

Breaking this down by division.

NFC East
Dallas – I’d rather root for the Royals. No.
Washington – Rex Grossman is their quarterback.  No.
New York Giants – As a Red Sox fan, I can’t root for any NY sports team. No.
Philadelphia – Explaining Vick’s dog fighting…Why people in Philly throw snowballs at Santa Claus? Probably the least kid friendly team there is. No.

NFC North
Green Bay – Bandwagon team. No.
Minnesota  – The Cubs of the NFL. Bigger loser than the Dolphins. No.
Chicago – Something about Jay Cutler rubs me the wrong way. No.
Detroit – A 4-0 record has me interested. Maybe.

NFC South
New Orleans – I like Drew Brees, and their head coach. Maybe.
Tampa Bay – I’m from Florida. Maybe.
Atlanta –  I just can’t get excited about this team. No.
Carolina – Which Carolina? Like rooting for Golden State. No.

NFC West
San Francisco – Alex Smith is their QB. No.
St. Louis – Not much to be excited about here. No.
Seattle – Any team that thinks Tavaris Jackson is the answer? No.
Arizona – Maybe if Warner was still with them. No.

So it’s down to Detroit, New Orleans or Tampa Bay.

New Orleans has their whole Hurricane Katrina thing going for them, and that’s great for the city of N.O. but they get enough love. They are bordeline bandwagon. Pass.

Detroit – they fall into that “Can’t be a bigger loser than the Dolphins” category. And even though they are 4-0 right now, four games does not make a season.

So, meet your new Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. I’m from Florida. My son likes pirates. They have a freaking pirate ship in their stadium and a pirate on their helmet. The uniforms are pimp and they won a Super Bowl nine years. Their legacy includes dudes like Warren Sapp and John Gruden. Plus, how many Tampa Bay fans do you know?

Go Bucs!


  1. Your Cousin, Laura

    Your cousin Matt — for pretty much the same reasons. He doesn’t give a crap about football but gun to his head, he likes the pirate ship stadium.

    ALSO, keep in mind, Randy Watkins, your unofficial cousin-in-law couldn’t be a bigger Red Sox fan if he wanted to, and he LOVES the NY Giants. Eli Manning is a affable guy, I always feel sorry for him because he’ll never be Peyton. And now that Shockey is in NO, and they got rid of the guy who walks around with GUNS in his SWEATPANTS and shoots himself in bars, they don’t have anybody outrageously embarrassing on their team. So maybe you could re-think your Giants position. Show a little love to the Northeast!!

    As you know, I love teams full of embarrassing people, so I welcome Burress to the Jets.

  2. peter sanger

    you need to re-think the Seahawks–its the farthest team away from the Dolphins and would make a great reason to visit that city one day–i have adopted the Chargers as my 2nd favorite team–only problem is , it is a bigger loser than the Dolphins historically–

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