Miami Dolphins Fan – Time To Move On?

I grew up in Miami, Florida and since birth I have been a Dolphins fan. Grandma and Grandpa had season tickets to the Dolphins since they began play as an expansion team in 1966.

In the 70’s and 80’s, my grandparents brought me to a handful of games at the Orange Bowl every year. We’d show up four hours early and say hello to the players and collect autographs. This was a different time, when guys like Mark Duper and Mark Clayton thought it was great that anyone wanted to meet them and say hello. All of them knew my grandparents, typically by name. Even Don Shula, who’d give grandma a kiss on the cheek before every home game.

Then something changed. Money forced a move to a new Joe Robbie Stadium, and even with only two losing seasons in 26 years, Don Shula was shown the door. Enter Jimmy Johnson who took the best passing quarterback of all time in Dan Marino and made him hand the ball off to Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

Then we had the Dave Wandstadt era, that piece of crap Nick Saban, some other guy I can’t remember and the 1-15 Cam Cameron year. Enter Bill Parcells and this Tony Sporano guy. Something to look forward to. Problem was, Parcells lost interest and Sporano either isn’t any good or doesn’t have enough talent. Probably both.

So here we are. Still no Super Bowl victories during my lifetime for my beloved fish. And we start the year 0-4 in a stadium called Land Shark or something. It’s more of a tourist trap than a stadium anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jimmy Buffet when I’m hammered on a beach – not during a timeout.

In short, I’ve gone 37 years without a whole lot to be excited about from a legacy standpoint for my Dolphins. So, I’ve decided to move on. Not entirely, I’ll always be a Miami Dolphins fan. But it’s time to find another team to root for.

I’ll do that tomorrow.



  1. Michael Carrasquillo

    Josh, this is a good read. I have had this thought many times and realize that all of us Dolphins fans are gluttons for punishment. Moments of joy wrapped in layers of pain and aggravation. Kindof like staying in a bad marriage because Sunday dinner is really good. It might be time to move on…

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