Crap I Think About – Deodorant

I’d like a deodorant client if for no other reason than to get a chance to pitch the Statue Liberty as a spokesperson. Think about it. Lady Liberty has had her arm raised since at least 1886. That’s over a century without any love to the world’s largest armpit. Based on the specs, that armpit has to be at least eight feet in length, and probably another four feet wide. Can you think of a bigger armpit besides East St. Louis.

And with the exception of the Yankees and Jets I love New York, but if you’ve ever spent any time in the city, you know it too could use some Axe Body Spray or at the very least, a once over with some Speed Stick. I mean, their waste management process is stacking bags of trash on the streets until a truck driven by the mafia controlled Waste Management companies come pick them up.



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