Homeless Entrepreneur Sponsorship Program

YouTube is an amazing place. Not sure how I came across this concept, but thought I’d share it.

The cynical side of me says if you’re homeless your start up should be getting your ass a home. Then I watched the video below, called myself a dickhead and found a Website attached to the video upload that offers homeless people a chance to get their lives back in order.

So, here’s a video a homeless person put together which doesn’t really promote their business, but rather, paints a pretty sad picture of what being homeless actually is like. Or at least what I think it might be like. And, with only 145 views since 2009, it could use a pick-me-up.

I’m not sure if this is legit, so determine that for yourself by checking out the Homeless Entrepreneur Sponsorship Program here.

As an entrepreneur myself, I can think of worse concepts out there.


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