Middle-Aged Ginger Finds Outlet

Welcome… I suppose. The opening post of any blog post is pretty lame, isn’t it? I mean, you’re basically writing to yourself in the hopes that someone may someday care what you wrote about when no one was paying attention. That being said…

Most of what this blog will be about is written in the About section. Go ahead and get your click on, I won’t mind.

Consider this a smorgasboard of all things I’m into. And at the moment, I’m into way too much, bar-b-cue sauce being one of them.

Truth be told, too often I find myself limited in what I truly want to say either through other blogs I run or manage or the fact that Facebook has become really just to random.

Expect humor, lots of it, and some hopefully introspective thoughts on marketing, emerging technologies and stabs at understanding life. Categories are going to be huge on this site, so depending how you know me, or rather, how you want to know me, check by category to find what you’re looking for.

To close, I’ll quote my pal, Ferris Bueller. “Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your concern for my well being. You can reach my parents at their places of business.”


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